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Little Angels Early Learning Centre is a family operated business with over 17 years’ experience. We are dedicated to providing High Quality Care for all children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.

  • Nutritional Home Made Meals

  • Long Hours Childcare

  • Kindergarten & School Ready Programs

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Little Angels Early Learning centre promotes learning and exploring within natural environments

With generous room spaces that shine with natural light and fresh air we are able to provide children with comfortable and safe learning environments. Within the rooms the children are engaged with their peers and educators with the many resources and little nooks such as book corner for the children to feel secure.

Our substantial outdoor environment ensures the children are able to explore the outdoors and engage within various gross motor activities such as climbing, bike riding and much more! Our professional educators provide multiple learning experiences about the environment such as gardening, caring for animals and sustainability through the use of our compost bins and worm farms. With our adequate shaded areas the children are able to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Long Day Care Childcare

Nutritional Meals

Homemade meals using healthy & nutritional ingredients

Experienced Educators

Experienced educators dedicated to building your child's confidence

School & Kinder Ready

We've helped over 3,000 kids get a head start at Kindergarten & School

Long Day Care

We've got your child covered from 7 am - 6 pm!

Our Philosophy

At Little Angels Early Learning Centre, we strive to provide high-quality care to children and families. We do this by having trained and experienced staff to provide a secure and happy environment for the children. We wish to provide opportunity and support to meet the highest expectations of individual children’s development and learning.

Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. The framework will build on children’s interests, knowledge, experience and background while focussing on individuals within the group. It will encompass all developmental and key learning areas.

We believe play is essential to young children learning. We endeavour to meet the needs of children’s natural curiosity by providing opportunities for them to experiment, discover, solve problems and find themselves, other people and the world around them.

We believe in the rights of all children regardless of gender, additional needs, cultural identity, family background and or religious beliefs. We also recognise that learning is most effective in the child’s first language and we promote this within our learning environments.

We believe that children are resourceful learners who are capable of constructing their own knowledge of the world around them. We aim to promote relationships that support children to feel a sense of belonging, see themselves as constructive contributors to the community around them and encourage them to see themselves as valued, unique and powerful. All children will engage in relationships of caring and respect towards each other and to the world around them.

We endeavour to develop partnerships with families that help create links between the children, their home life and the centre. We will provide a welcoming atmosphere through active communication where families will feel encouraged to participate in the daily works of the centre and feel a sense of belonging.

Educators are individuals and come to Little Angels with varying ideas and experiences that add value to the total environment. As educators, we are attuned to children’s thoughts and feelings to support the development of a strong sense of wellbeing.

Our experienced educators provide an environment that is secure and predictable where children can explore and investigate. Educators encourage support, respect, appreciation and view a positive connection with the natural environment.


We provide Early Learning & Long Day Childcare to these groups:

crawling baby boy indoors

Little Discoverers Nursery

6 Weeks - 2.5 Years

group of happy kids watching tv at home

Little Explorers Toddlers

2.5 - 3 Years

little angels childcare early learning centre sydney 004

Little Inventors Preschool

4 - 6 Years

Meet the ELC founder


Joanne Draybi

Founding Director at Little Angels ELC

I opened my service 17 years ago because I wanted my own children with me while I worked.  I didn’t want to rely on family to care for my children. I wanted to watch them grow.

Over the years I have enjoyed watching children of all ages achieve milestones.

I have enjoyed the relationships I have built with families.  I have also enjoyed having multiple siblings’ being a part of my centre as well as extended families.

Being a director of the centre has its challenges and joys but it has taught me that no two days are the same and we take each day as it comes.

Being a Director and Educator is rewarding in many ways.  Building relationships with Educators, Parents, children and extended families is very rewarding.

With the support of centre educators and families, I have achieved extending the centre and running a successful centre.  I pride myself in running a high-quality care facility and give families and children the quality care that is required.

As theorised by John Dewey, “We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.”

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