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Quality care and education


What the centre provides

 Quality care and education for children aged 6 weks -6yrs.
 Nappies and wipes for children who are not yet toilet trained.
 On site parking.
 Security and intercom systems.
 Full shaded area.
 Brand new equipment.
 Soft-fall areas, natural environments including sandpits and mulch pits.
 Annual incursions and events for children and their families.
 Munch and move- daily physical fitness and nutrition programs.
 Nutritional Meals –cooked onsite.
 School readiness program.
 Qualified and experienced educators.

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Experienced educators

Our experienced educators are trained to support and encourage the children through various activities to further challenge and develop the children’s growth and development. Little Angels Early Learning Centre promotes the diverse backgrounds, cultures, values and recognises the strengths of all of our educators to enhance our team.

Nutritional Meals

Little Angels Early Learning Centre recognises the importance of promoting and providing nutritious and healthy food and beverages. Our friendly on-site chefs prepare and serve delicious and culturally diverse nutritional meals. Our centres promote and cater for all dietary, cultural and religious requirements and restrictions. We work in conjunction with the Munch ‘N’ Move program and the Australian Dietary guidelines to ensure we are working with families to maximise your children’s health and wellbeing.

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Educational Programs

Little Angels Early Learning Centre has developed a tailor-made educational program that incorporates all children’s interests and abilities. We combine this with parent input, spontaneous experiences and intentional teaching to build our fun and educational program. Meals are provided as per the following: Breakfast between 7am-7.45am, morning tea 9.30am, lunch 12pm, afternoon tea 2.30pm, late afternoon tea 5pm (services may vary from centre to centre, please check with our lovely educators).

Educational and Fun Incursions

Little Angels Early Learning Centre welcomes you to join in our many centre events available throughout the year for our children and families. We offer a variety of activities that promote inclusion to our local community as well as extends the learning and development for the children whilst also being exciting and engaging for all who attend.

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