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Looking for an early learning centre in Sydney that helps your child keep up and stay ahead?

Since 2004, we have helped more than 3,000 children in Sydney get a head start by creating an individualised plan for their education, development, and growth. Curiosity, openness, and collaboration are all valued here.

We have created secure, exciting, and stimulating classrooms where your child may learn to discover, reason, investigate, and solve problems.

  • Childcare for Long Hours

  • Nutritious Meals

  • Education and Early Childhood Activities

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ELC That Gives Sydney Kids A Head Start For The Last 17 Years Extended Hours Long Day Childcare Centre in Sydney

The Little Angels programme develops students of all ages into strong, self-motivated individuals who are capable of making sound decisions, leading others, and starting their own businesses thanks to the school's individualised approach. When they graduate from the childcare centre, they are well-rounded young people who have a passion for learning, are ready for a globalised world, and are motivated to become engaged, contributing members of society.

Sydney's best Early Learning and Care Centre, where your child can learn, grow, and succeed Highly Reviewed Prechool & Childcare Sydney

Your children will benefit much from our preschool programmes in terms of their emotional, cognitive, and physical growth in preparation for school.

With almost 17 years in the industry, the family behind Sydney's Little Angels Early Learning Centre has a solid track record. All kids between the ages of six weeks and six years will receive the highest quality care from us.

We're overjoyed that you and your child have decided to join us, and we wish you the best on what we know will be a fantastic, enriching adventure.

Long Day Care Childcare

Nutritious Meals

Home-cooked dishes that focus on using nutritious components

Skilled Educators

Educators who care about your child's development and are committed to fostering self-assurance

Education and Early Childhood Activities

Together, we've helped more than 3,000 youngsters gain a head start on their education and transition into kindergarten.

Childcare for Long Hours

Between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., we've got your kid covered!

Early Childhood Learning Centre

Sydney's Premier Early Childhood Education Centre Fostering Individual Growth A range of early learning options in Sydney for children aged between six weeks and six years

Educators at Sydney's Early Learning recognise the value in working together, and they include the insight of the families of their students into the lessons they teach. Our goal is to provide your child with the best possible start in life by providing them with an exceptional early childhood education in Sydney.

Our Early Education and Extended Day Care programmes are available to the following groups of kids: Sydney, New South Wales

crawling baby boy indoors

Little Discoverers Nursery

6 Weeks - 2.5 Years

group of happy kids watching tv at home

Little Explorers Toddlers

2.5 - 4 Years

little angels childcare early learning centre sydney 004

Little Inventors Preschool

4 - 6 Years

Family-owned and operated, Little Angels Childcare and Learning Center caters to the requirements of children between the ages of three and five by offering a variety of carefully organised play-based programmes. Learning to respect and love one another is a priority at Little Angels.

You should take advantage of the opportunities for education and socialisation that arise during your child's early childhood. A child's development and readiness for school can be greatly aided by enrolling them in one of our Sydney early childhood education centres.

Our centres are great places for kids to make friends, learn new things, and grow as individuals all while having a blast. Attractive settings with a wide range of activities to stimulate curiosity

  • Numerical skills
  • Communicative competence and literacy
  • Having the ability to interact with others
  • Capability in dealing with one's emotions

Nutritious meals and daily outdoor play are also integral parts of the educational experience.


Wandering thoughts don't always indicate absence.

Our educators encourage our students to play an active role in environmental care and sustainable development by providing them with a personalised learning experience.

Our Primary Educational Foundations Long Hours Childcare in Sydney, New South Wales

At our centres, we live for the smiles and laughter that you and your kids will share.

Individual Growth in Social and Emotional Skills

  • Acknowledging and controlling one's emotions
  • Increasing Social Skills and Compassion

Numerical skills

  • Skill with numbers and numerical operations
  • Characteristics of basic shapes


  • Exploration of the Senses
  • Performing and Creative Arts
  • Creating, experimenting, and researching

Community and families

  • Sustainability and the promotion of diversity
  • Relationships and partnerships

Communicative competence and literacy

  • The ability to express oneself verbally
  • Sketching and impromptu composition


  • Possessing self-assurance, fortitude, independence, freedom, and an insatiable curiosity

When it comes to their children's academic futures, both present and past parents are confident in Little Angels ELC.


Of Little Angels parents generally see positive changes in their child's numeracy, language, and social skills within the first six months of school.


Of Little Angels parents believe their kid has greater self-assurance, ease, and excitement for trying new things.

Early Learning FAQ

What is the difference between early learning Centre and childcare in Sydney?

In Sydney, New South Wales Education there are eight preschools that are attached to schools. Unlike childcare centres, which offer long day care, kindergartens and preschools usually only run for six hours a day, five days a fortnight (three days one week, two days the next) during each school term.

What is an early childhood Centre in Sydney?

Early Childhood Education Centres consist of a Long Day Care Centre including a kindergarten program and two Sessional Kindergartens. ... Kindergarten is an educational program provided to children in their year before school.

The Sydney kindergarten program in long day care centres also runs for 40 weeks each year during school hours, however extended hours of care are provided. ... In long day care centres the kindergarten children get to enjoy additional experiences outside of the kindergarten program.

What are the categories of child care in Sydney?

Types of Sydney Child Care
  • Family Child Care Homes. In family child care homes, providers care for small groups of children in a residential building. ...
  • Child Care Centers. ...
  • Preschool Programs. ...
  • School-Age Programs. ...
  • Family, Friend, and Neighbor Care.
  • Early Learning Centres
  • Long Hours Day Care

How much is child care in Sydney?

Typical childcare costs
Childcare type Typical price range
Centre-based childcare A$70 to A$185 dollars per day
Family day care A$6 to A$17 per hour
Nannies A$15 to A$35 per hour
Au pairs (living in your home) A$170 to A$250 per week

What is the difference between long daycare and family daycare in Sydney?

n a long daycare setting, the number of children enrolled is determined by the Regulatory Authority and is dependent on the size of the building and outdoor play space. ... For family day care services, the ratio is one educator for seven children, and there can be no more than four children who are under school age.

What is kinder in Sydney?

Kindergarten (also called preschool) is a program for young children delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher. ... Kindergarten is an important step for young children and is strongly recommended for all children.

Preschools provide early education and care for children aged between 3 and 6, and usually operate during normal school terms and hours. Long day care centres offer early education and care for children from birth to 6, and are usually open for 48 weeks per year with extended hours.

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