Little Angels Early Learning Centre & Childcare West Pennant Hills West Pennant Hills Preschool & Long Day Care

Looking for an early learning centre in West Pennant Hills that helps your child keep up and stay ahead?

Since 2004, our childcare centre has provided a head start to over 3,000 West Pennant Hills kids by establishing a pathway for each child to learn, discover and grow. We encourage curiosity, communication, and creativity.

Your child will learn to explore, reason, discover and problem solve in our fun, safe and engaging early learning environments.

  • West Pennant Hills Long Hours Day Care Centre

  • Nutritional Home Made Meals

  • Early Learning, School & Preschool Programs

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ELC That Gives West Pennant Hills Kids A Head Start For The Last 17 Years Extended Hours Long Day Childcare Centre in West Pennant Hills

The Little Angels program is tailored to each educational stage and builds resilient and independent learners with a strong work ethic and critical skills in decision-making, leadership and enterprise. They leave the childcare as well-rounded young citizens with a love for learning, prepared for life on the global stage and with the drive to be active members of society.

West Pennant Hills childcare ELC that helps your child develop, keep up & excel Highly Reviewed Prechool & Childcare West Pennant Hills

Our preschool programs will help your children develop vital social, mental and physical skills before they start school.

Little Angels Early Learning Centre is a West Pennant Hills family operated business with over 17 years of experience. We are dedicated to providing High-Quality Care for all children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.

We are excited and welcome you to our centre and sincerely hope this is the beginning of a positive and rewarding experience for both you and your child.

Long Day Care Childcare

Nutritional Meals

Homemade meals using healthy & nutritional ingredients

Experienced Educators

Experienced educators dedicated to building your child's confidence

School & Preschool Program

We've helped over 3,000 kids get a head start at Kindergarten & School

Long Day Care

We've got your child covered from 7 am - 6 pm!

Early Childhood Learning Centre

Early Learning Centre in West Pennant Hills That Develops Children's Unique Capabilities A range of early learning options in West Pennant Hills for children aged between six weeks and six years

Our West Pennant Hills Early Learning educators embrace the importance of community and we ensure that our curriculum connects with the wisdom offered by our children's families. Our mission is to be at the forefront of innovation in early childhood education in West Pennant Hills, preparing your child for a lifetime of growth and learning. 

We provide Early Learning & Long Day Childcare to these groups: West Pennant Hills, New South Wales

crawling baby boy indoors

Little Discoverers Nursery

6 Weeks - 2.5 Years

group of happy kids watching tv at home

Little Explorers Toddlers

2.5 - 4 Years

little angels childcare early learning centre sydney 004

Little Inventors Preschool

4 - 6 Years

Little Angels is a family-run early learning childcare centre that provides a range of carefully planned play-based programs to meet the needs of children in the 3 to 5 age group. Little Angels recognises the importance of learning respect and love for all.

The early years of your child’s life is an important stage of their learning and social development. Enrolling them in one of our West Pennant Hills early childhood education centres can aid their development and prepare them for school education.

At our centres, children learn how to socialise, form friendships and develop skills by learning through play. Our stimulating environments encourage curiosity with activities that cover:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • social skills
  • emotional skills

Education also focuses on physical health with nutritious meals and outdoor play a part of each day.


Not all minds that wander are absent

Guiding kids through a customized learning experience our educators support our children to take an active role in caring for our environment and contributing to a sustainable future.

Our Early Learning Foundations Long Hours Childcare in West Pennant Hills, New South Wales

We live for the positive experience that you and your children will experience in our centres.

Social & Emotional Development

  • Understanding and regulating emotions
  • Developing friendships and empathy


  • Recognising numerals & working with numbers
  • The attributes of shapes


  • Sensory exploration
  • Drama, dance, music & art
  • Experimenting, constructing, investigating

Family & Community

  • Diversity & sustainability
  • Partnerships & collaboration

Lauguage & Literacy

  • Oral language skills
  • Drawing & emegent writing


  • Confidence, Resilience, Independence, Curiosity & persistence

West Pennant Hills Parents agree that Little Angels ELC is a perfect kickstart & preparation for Kindergarten & beyond!


Of Little Angels parents agree their child's Numeracy, Language & Social Skills improve in the first 6 months of enrolment.


Of Little Angels parents agree their child is more confident, comfortable and enthusiastic about trying new things.

About West Pennant Hills

West Pennant Hills is a suburb in the Hills District of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. West Pennant Hills is located 20 km north-west of the Sydney central business district in the local government areas of The Hills Shire and Hornsby Shire.

Early Learning FAQ

What is the difference between early learning Centre and childcare in Sydney?

In Sydney, New South Wales Education there are eight preschools that are attached to schools. Unlike childcare centres, which offer long day care, kindergartens and preschools usually only run for six hours a day, five days a fortnight (three days one week, two days the next) during each school term.

What is an early childhood Centre in Sydney?

Early Childhood Education Centres consist of a Long Day Care Centre including a kindergarten program and two Sessional Kindergartens. ... Kindergarten is an educational program provided to children in their year before school.

The Sydney kindergarten program in long day care centres also runs for 40 weeks each year during school hours, however extended hours of care are provided. ... In long day care centres the kindergarten children get to enjoy additional experiences outside of the kindergarten program.

What are the categories of child care in Sydney?

Types of Sydney Child Care
  • Family Child Care Homes. In family child care homes, providers care for small groups of children in a residential building. ...
  • Child Care Centers. ...
  • Preschool Programs. ...
  • School-Age Programs. ...
  • Family, Friend, and Neighbor Care.
  • Early Learning Centres
  • Long Hours Day Care

How much is child care in Sydney?

Typical childcare costs
Childcare type Typical price range
Centre-based childcare A$70 to A$185 dollars per day
Family day care A$6 to A$17 per hour
Nannies A$15 to A$35 per hour
Au pairs (living in your home) A$170 to A$250 per week

What is the difference between long daycare and family daycare in Sydney?

n a long daycare setting, the number of children enrolled is determined by the Regulatory Authority and is dependent on the size of the building and outdoor play space. ... For family day care services, the ratio is one educator for seven children, and there can be no more than four children who are under school age.

What is kinder in Sydney?

Kindergarten (also called preschool) is a program for young children delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher. ... Kindergarten is an important step for young children and is strongly recommended for all children.

Preschools provide early education and care for children aged between 3 and 6, and usually operate during normal school terms and hours. Long day care centres offer early education and care for children from birth to 6, and are usually open for 48 weeks per year with extended hours.

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